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Job Flushed (Life sucks and then you die...painfully.)
(smirk, computers)

The following is from one of my last semester's textbooks called 
_Operating Systems: Design and Implementation_ by Andrew S. Tanenbaum 
(1987, Prentice-Hall).  The subject of the chapter is system security 
and user identification:

"...Cats and other animals mark off their territory by urinating 
around its perimeter.  Apparently cats can identify each other this 
way.  Suppose someone comes up with a tiny device capable of doing an 
instant urinalysis, thereby providing a foolproof identification.  
Each terminal could be equipped with one of these devices, along with 
a discrete [sic] sign reading: 'For login, please deposit sample 
here.'  This might be an absolutely unbreakable system, but it would 
probably have a fairly serious user acceptance problem."

And I wouldn't want to clean up the computer lab at the end of the 

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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