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IBM VM Joke - The 'Virtual' Printer. (Mike Skrydlak 503-627-5471)

   Hearing the VM joke reminded me of what a co-worker once did. He taught
a VM class to Operations one day, explaining the VM concept of 'virtual'
vs 'real' devices. Everyone got it, except the first shift OPs supervisor.
It was generally agreed she had not gotten her position by technical
aptitude. He tried explaining the concept a few more times, then had to
move on. She threw a fit, saying it was his fault, he wasn't a good teacher,

   He apologized, smiled, and finished the class. Later that day, a myster-
ious thing happened: a mag-tape mysteriously appeared on the old dusty CDC
card-reader (maybe it was a paper punch !!) in the corner. It was threaded 
to an empty 'take-up' tape spool that was also 'jury-rigged' to the side of
the old punch. Underneath, a large sign was taped. It read:


No person ever owned up, but I have my suspicions.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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