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Intro to operating systems

sybase! (Dave Hildebrandt)
(original, smirk, computers)

When attempting to explain various operating systems,
I came up with the following metaphors into the Trek universe.
Explanations are given before the connection.

Everything thought out to the nth degree.
Steeped in arcane ritual.
+  BSD Unix, and the Vulcans     

Does things the traditional, uncivilized way.
+  System V Unix, and the Klingon Empire

A combination of the above.  An unstable mixture at best.
+  Sys V Rel 4, and the Federation

As powerful but strange.  Very restrictive.
Requires a different mindset and a lot of formalism.
+  VMS, and the Romulans    

Small, wily, mostly for profit.  Lots of small
independent operators who occasionally gang up.
+  DOS, and the Ferengi     

The following two non-operating system metaphors
also come to mind.

Your mind has already been assimilated.
+  Usenet, and the Borg

Judges you by the standards of three centuries ago.
Occasionally makes it hard to get work done.
+  George Bush, and Q

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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