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Apple/IBM (Derek Beatty)
Carnegie-Mellon, Computer Science
(chuckle, original, computers)

Apple Computer Corporation, developers of Balloon Help, and IBM,
inventors of RISC and developers of the POWER line of advanced
computing solutions, made history when they announced the original
components of their historic agreements.  Today, with all the fanfare
of their original announcement, comes a new "first" in computing

        Help!  Hot Air Balloon in the Power Line.

Combining that drifting, unsupported feeling so characteristic of
Apple products, with the sense of impending doom so familiar to IBM
users, Help! Hot Air Balloon in the Power Line faithfully recreates
on your computer that feeling known by incompetent balloonists
everywhere shortly before they fry.  Watch in fear as your
applications drift closer and closer to the inevitable snare.  Since
Apple has never offered preemptive multitasking, you'll be just like
a hapless balloonist---unable to do a thing as you watch the wires
come closer and closer.  And thanks to IBM's compiler technology and
sheer native speed of silicon, you'll be moving fast.  So click on
help, shout, wave your arms, try to start the burners, throw ballast
from the basket---you can try all the things that real balloonists do
as they prepare to meet their maker.  Plus, if the Apple/IBM talks
with Warner Communications pan out, after you lose your data you'll
see the cheerful face of Porky Pig and an informative balloon saying,
"Th-th-that's all, folks!"

Disclaimer: Apple, IBM, Balloon Help, POWER, Warner, and probably
even Porky Pig are trademarks of their respective owners.  

--   grad student  (No NeXTMail; MIME Ok.)  412 268 7898
Computer Sci., Carnegie Mellon Univ., 5000 Forbes Ave, Pgh., PA 15213  USA

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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