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Sweepstakes from Hell (Drew Cheng)

  I received some chintzy direct-marketing sweepstakes mailing today...

  Anyway, after sorting through all the junk that they're trying to sell, I
looked at the "personal letter" they sent to me:

"As of Friday, 9:45AM, your name was among millions scanned and identified
by our IBM computers as a first round cash prize winner in our $1 million
dollar sweepstakes."

And, one line caught my eye:

"Note:  no cost or purchase obligation [see sweepstakes rules], but please
order two (2) or more items from enclosed cards when claiming prize."

Hmmm...if that wasn't bad enough, I read the sweepstakes rules with a
magnifying glass, and I particularly like the following rule:

"(b) An additional $100,000.00 will be split equally amongst all individuals
who respond in compliance with all instructions but in no event will you
receive less than 36 cents."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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