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The quality of [mumble] computers (Gisle Hannemyr)
(chuckle, true, computers)

This actually happened (I was there!):

It was a user group meeting where the CEO of a computer manufacturer
I-can-not-name had taken the "hot seat" to answer questions from his
customers.  This year, the users had experienced more than their
normal quota of unfulfilled promises, unstable hardware and buggy
software, so the session got pretty hot with dozens of irate customers
flaming the CEO because his mis-engineered systems was the main source
of misery in their lives.

In a misguided attempt to soften the mood, the CEO had brought with
him a huge box of pens -- imprinted with the logo and the motto of his
company -- and placed them at the exit.  He concluded the session by
pointing to the box and stating that whoever wanted a special
commemorative ball-point pen should help themselves.  None of the
users did.  They just bustled out of the auditorium ignoring this

In frustration the CEO grabbed the microphone and shouted: "Hey, it's
free pens here!  Anybody want a free pen?"  He was answered immediately
by a loud voice from the back of the auditorium:  "Nobody here believes
they'll work!"

- gisle hannemyr  (Norsk Regnesentral)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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