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British royalty and Beverly Hillbillies (Andrew Thomas-cramer)
(topical, chuckle, original)

	Here in the United States one of our favorite insipid sitcoms was "The
Beverly Hillbillies," a story about a poor Appalachian family finding oil and
moving to an obscenely wealthy section of California, where they were subjected 
to hilarious urban provincialism. Recent events inspire this idea for 
another insipid sitcom with a reversed theme. The theme song would go 
like this . . .

	Well come and hear a story 'bout a family feud
	Rich royalty, some in the nude
	Then one year it all fell to pieces
	And the royalty lost their free castle leases . . .

	Subsidies, that is . . . free rides . . . leaches.

	Well the first thing you know they're all dirt poor
	Country says "Y'Can't live here no more!
	"Somewhere else is where you ought to be."
	So they took a boat and train to Ken-tuck-y . . .

	Hills, that is. Hard work. In overalls.

	The Kentucky Royalty!

Andy Thomas-Cramer

Note: In the United States, "overalls" refers to loose denim trousers with
a piece covering the chest, for use in general farmwork like mucking the
manure out of barns.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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