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Why a Duck (232)

        A man walks into a bar, carrying his pet duck.  He sets the
        duck on the bar, and proceeds to order his drink.
        "I'm sorry", says the bartender, "but I can't allow ducks in
        "But sir", the owner explains," this is no ordinary duck. 
        This is a dancing duck!"
        The bartender looks at him with disbelief and says, "Okay,
        I'll bite.  If you can show that this duck can dance, I'll let
        him stay".
        The owner says, "Fair enough.  But he'll need something to
        dance on - a small stage of some kind."  The owner looks
        around and spots a bucket, tips it upside down, and puts the
        duck on the 'stage'. Nothing happens.  
        The bartender says, "Some dancing duck..." and at that moment
        the duck begins to dance.  He dances forward, then backwards,
        then in circles,... He's great!  The bartender is amazed and
        says to the owner, "I'll give you $20,000 for the duck!" 
        realizing that people will come for miles to see a dancing
        "I couldn't possible sell my pet for $20,000"
        "I'll give you $25,000 for him!"
        The owner thinks about it and says, "Okay, you've got a deal!"
        A few days later, the former owner gets a call late at night
        from the bartender.  "Sorry to bother you", says the
        bartender, "but I'm worried about the duck".
        "What's wrong?  Is he not dancing for you?"
        "Oh no", answered the bartender, "it's not that.  But he just
        keeps on dancing.  He's been dancing for two days straight. 
        He doesn't stop.  What should I do?"
        The former owner says, "First, I'd lift the bucket and blow
        out the candle..."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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