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Capitol Punishment
(topical, chuckle)

Illiteracy continues in the highest strata of American society.  What was
once confined to high-school dropouts and Vice-presidents has now reached
the very top: the moderators of rec.humor.funny.  In a weak moment they 
let through this:

> Subject: Capitol City Illiteracy
> Living in Austin, Texas, is probably not unlike living in other state
> capitols in the sense that about half of the businesses in town have
> names that begin with "Capitol..." such as Capitol City Lightbulbs,
> Capitol Yugo, etc.
> I was looking up one such business in the phone book recently and had
> trouble finding the phone number until I looked under "Capital..."  In
> fact, I was amazed that about 150 of the "Capitol" businesses in
> Austin have misspelled their first name.  Among them:

> Capital of Texas Leasing  (what IS the capital of Texas?)
> Capital Metro (the city public transportation organization)
> Capital City Financial Services (pun intended?)
> Capital Area Speech Language & Educational Services
> Capital City Creative School

Of course, Austin is in fact the capital of Texas, so for example
Capital Metro is the public transport service for the capital of
Texas:  seems like a reasonable name to me.

The submitter of the above joke, and the moderators of course, have
been sentenced to the most appalling punishment America has ....

Capitol Punishment.

Rec.humor.funny will be returning in 51 days after the moderators have
conducted a 50 state (and D.C.) tour of capitols to report on which one
is the most beautiful building.

Ian Gent

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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