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USENET user's quiz (Arthur Delano)
(usenet, chuckle)

This is original.

Test yourself:
1)  How busy have you been today?
    a> Not at all busy; in fact, I just spent three hours reading USENET.
    b> Somewhat busy, but I still had about three hours free for
       reading USENET.
    c> Never been so busy in my life! Why, I barely had three hours to 
       spare for reading USENET!

2)  Which of the following sentences most closely resembles your day?
    a> Wake up, go to ,work/school, crank up the computer/terminal and 
       read USENET, go to meetings/classes, go home, log-in, go to sleep.
    b> Wake up, make a pot of coffee, crank up the computer/terminal
       and start reading USENET in the den/basement/bedroom, watch
       TV, go to sleep.
    c> Read USENET, don't sleep.

3)  Which sentence best summarizes your actions when you see the
    following message on your terminal?
             ******** End of newsgroups--what next? [npq] 
    a> Press "n" frantically, looking for any newsgroups you may have
       skipped over, while fighting off a plummeting sensation in the
       pit of the stomach.
    b> Subscribe to more newsgroups, while fighting off the growing
       sense of emptiness in your life.
    c> Crosspost your opinions on horticulture to five newsgroups and
       send a copy to rec.humor.funny, while fighting off a chilling 
       sense of unease.

    Score any number of points for any question circled.
<0  At least you have a means for channeling your anti-social urges.
 0  Close to well-adjusted, but be careful!
>0  Cheer up while considering for a moment what you would have to do
    if there was no USENET.


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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