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Look before you post
(computer, usenet, smirk)

The following pair of messages appeared in today:
(ongoing "discussion" can be seen there)

Article: 34431 of
Path: umeecs!!!wupost!uunet!clarkson!news
From: (Hadj Ounis, 303 Old Main,268-6564,)
Subject: Please read this threat from.....Ciao Texas........
Date: 27 Mar 92 16:23:58 GMT
Organization: Clarkson University

Hi every body, please read the following :
I sold to Ciao (Texas) a 1.2 floppy drive. My add was very clear
that is 1.2 FD high density. He aggreed to buy it for 40$ including
shipping plus COD. The exact shipping was 4.75$. I did send the drive
when he received it he replayed to me that he thought it was for Amiga
Even thought his language was a street language (I have the message)
and even it was not my mistake. I told him that he can send it back
and I will send him 40-4.75=35.25$ (the price for the drive). 
He said he wants all his money and send it first. I said no I will
send you the price of the drive when I receive it in working condition.
(by the way I did't receive the check from UPS yet).
After two discusting message from him. Today He send me 
the following message where He is threatning me by his Father, 
Lawyer, his position, etc....
Please read this just to be carefull about such people in your dealing.
Thank you for reading this message.
>From Fri Mar 27 04:32:30 1992
Subject: Final?  I think not.

   As you'll slowly realize Im a man of principle and honor.  As I can see
you are not.  You leave me no choice.  You will be hearing from my lawyer for
one.  I realize its only $5.00 -- but he just wants to give you some serious
court costs since he feels Im in the right.
   Second, my father is an IRS agent :)  So I hope you're a poor student with
no income or scholorships -- and that your parents are squeky clean.  Because
you can definitely be prepared for an audit :)  I also hope you have no
foreign student discepencies if you are a foreign student.
   I can't stand people like you.  People, who out of their own ignorance
and fault, put others in a bad situation.  Im stuck, here with a worthless
drive and no refund.  You enjoy that position and fool yourself with your
rationalizations.  When someone chooses to do that to me they declare a 
war -- which ussually lasts until they see the error of their ways or until
I feel their squirming has done me justice.

Prepare for hell Hadj Ounis.  Shouldn't be too much trouble singling out a
name like that now should it?  Im going to enjoy this, havn't been this
pissed at someone in a long long while.  Im going to put some serious time
into you.  Feel flattered, you're going to have a serious majority of my
attention for quite a while.


[and by the way dumbass - my name isn't Ciao - Ciao is goodbye in Italian,
 which reminds me to tell you that Im Italian (read: I have connections) ]

God this is gonna be fun.

Article: 34491 of
Path: umeecs!caen!!!!ut-emx!!charon
Subject: Cheap 1.2 meg drive for sale!
Date: 27 Mar 92 11:27:50 GMT
Organization: The University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX

   Panasonic internal nice black 1.2 meg 5.25 drive for sale.  Im parting
out my old systems so I can get a 3.5 (Im a college student :)   ).
So, if you want a nice drive send me some mail.  I'll pay postage inside
US and you pay COD charge.  $50/obo.  obo doesn't work if you dont make one :)


WOW!  I can use a toaster with my MAC/IBM.  Thats great!
"See, I told you the Toaster was compatable...ha!"

Sorta like buying a "ferrari box" and tying your Yugo to it and saying 
"I told you it just needed a little work...ha!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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