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Memo, memo, who's got the memo?

FHD@tamcba.bitnet (H. Alan Montgomery)
(smirk, true, computer)

My best friend just sent me this.
     This sure isn't the private sector. I need to start collecting these
little humorous incidents and maybe issue a book someday.
     Thursday I got a call from the girl over  at  our  main  office  who
handles  the  technical  memoranda.   She  is  in  charge  of  preparing,
numbering,   filing,  and  archiving  these  important  documents   which
eventually are compiled into the reports we issue, our principal product.
Actually, she has little to do with preparing them. With Macs so  popular
around here, most of the engineers and graduate students type  their  own
and "paste" in the various figures and tables that are needed. Mostly she
just adds our godawful longhorn logo to the top and assigns them a number
to avoid confusion.
     Anyway, she wanted to know if I could send her a copy of a couple of
specific memos.   I was a little amused  (and  horrified)  since  she  is
supposed to be our source for these things. So I teased her a little, and
then pretended to accept her explanation that she actually had the memos,
but was just afraid some of the inserts might be missing from her copies.
I thought about sending her xeroxes of just the inserts to mess with  her
a little more, but decided I might need her help someday and let it go.
     Now here's the funny part: Today I  get  a  memo  from  one  of  the
project engineers with the same two memos I sent attached. Apparently  he
wanted me to review them,  and asked Estella to make  him  copies  so  he
could send them to me. But she had to ask me for the copies she  sent  to
me. Are you getting all this? And who was the author of the material  I'm
supposed to review? Me.
     Sometimes  I  think  the  whole  state  worker  deal  is   just   an
experimental alternative to welfare; or maybe to mental institutions.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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