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More Mother/Son Embarrassment (Alistair Calder)
Somewhere in The Twilight Zone, Vancouver, B.C
(heard it, smirk)

Ive been telling this one for years, I cant remember where I heard it.
Jimmy had a problem.  Jimmy sucked his thumb all the time, and his mother 
had tried everything to try to make him stop.  She was talking to a friend 
of her's who said that she stopped her daughter from sucking her thumb by 
telling her that if she did, a big wart would grow in her stomach and grow 
so big it would kill her.  Jimmy's mother thought this an effective method, 
and tried it on Jimmy the next day.  As she relayed this to her son, his 
eyes grew wide, and he immediately stopped sucking his thumb, cold turkey.
 A week or so later, Jimmy and his mother were on the bus trying to find a 
seat.  They made there way to the back of the bus where a 9 month pregnant 
lady sat.  Upon seeing this, Jimmy pointed at the woman and blurted out:
I know what you've been doing!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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