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Spare some alternate reality? (John D. Irwin)
(true, smirk)

I got this piece of paper from a homeless person, for a quarter.  One
side is a picture of Mount Pinatubo, with random headlines strewed
about.  The other side is reproduced verbatim below.  It starts slow,
but gets better...

PS: Berkeley is a lot more interesting than most places in the Bay Area.

	-- jdi


     The Earth is the third of nine planets in the solar system.
Because the sun is so large we can never see all nine planets
at any one time.  The maximum number is seven and the event
occurs only at 59,000 year intervals and is known as an
astrological age.

     When the moon passes over the ocean there is a bulge caused
by the effects of gravity and we see this as the tides.  In a
like manner, when seven planets are on an alignment from behind
the sun they cause effects upon one another.

     On Earth the molten core is bulged and the crust is breached.
This action releases large amounts of oxygen destroying heat
into the atmosphere in the form of volcanos.

     Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago at a time when the planet
was oxygen rich.  This is visible when you notice how high their
nostrils were above the ground level, 30 to 40 feet.

     As the solar system has aged our oxygen has been depleted and
now the average height of the oxygen breathing creatures is
below seven feet.  There is so little oxygen that the largest
of the two types of oxygen breathers are right at the surface
level.  The elephants trunk and the breathing hole of the whale
are surface level where most of the oxygen is found.

     If homo sapiens are eternal then certain prerequisites must be
met and one of these is oxygen, in order to survive we must have
oxygen.  Because of volcanos the planet is irreversibly running
out of oxygen and to be Eternal humans must find a solar system
with a planet that has a atmosphere with enough oxygen for us
to survive for even a short amount of time.

     The fuel formulas for lifting humans and our gear stands at
1,800,000 pounds per minute and at 5 minutes and 5 billion
people we do not have the fuel to lift everybody today.

     If the world community were to embrace the single child family
concept the population number would begin to drop by one half,
eventually the number would drop to a low number that there
would be enough fuel for one and all.  EVERYBODY!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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