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Pickup lines that just DON'T work. (Offensive) (Wayne Johnson)
(smirk, sexual, gross)

(I tried mailing this about a month ago, but never got an auto-response from
your daemen, so here it goes again....)

SOURCE: original

WARNING: some people might find this a bit (a lot) offensive.

  Twelve opening lines never to use when trying to pick up women in a bar:

1.   Hello there, beautiful.  I hope that's not a sanitary
     napkin poking out of your purse.
2.   Excuse me, are you on the pill?
3.   Hi there.  Do you swallow?
4.   Jeez, these hemmhoroids are killing me.  What do you say
     me and you go for a little stroll?
5.   Wow!  Are those real?
6.   Phew! Are you in the "mood", or did you forget to shower 
     this morning?
7.   Ever had sex at the zoo?  Really?  How about with a human
8.   Ho-o-o-r-r-k!  Jeez, I've had this hair in my throat for
     over a week now.
9 .  Thanks, no beer nuts for me, those sores in my mouth are
     back again.
10.  What do you say we go back to my place and see which one
     of us has more zits on our butts!
11.  I'm just getting over a rough divorce.  Ya, I found out that she'd
     been sleeping with this bisexual Haitian drug addict for the last
     three years...really broke my heart.
12.  Hey babe, wanna make an easy fifty bucks?

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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