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On Xmas Eve... (Christopher Blaise)
(sexual, chuckle)

Heard from my mother...

	On Christmas eve, the young couple decided to exchange one gift
that each thought the other would really like.  The husband picked out
a gift and smiling, handed it to his spouse.  She opened it up to find
a dress.  The color was not right, and it was out of style, so she
angerly threw it on the floor and stormed out the room.  Feeling hurt, he
opened her gift to find a horrid pair of green pants.  Venting his
anger, he tossed them aside, and they landed up on the tree.

	Well, after a few minutes, they both came back into the room.  They
looked at each other and apologized for being so mean.  The wife said "Honey,
I though you would really like those slacks and I'm sorry I threw your
dress on the floor.  You must have spent a lot of time picking it out." to
which her husband replied "Dear, I feel the same way.  Looking at them now,
I see they're a fine pair."  So they kissed.  He pulled down his pants, she
picked up her dress, and they had a wonderful Christmas.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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