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Business Sense
(sexual, chuckle)

A sales manager for a large company goes to a neighboring city for an
important sale. Upon making the sale, a very lucrative contract for which he
gets reqarded handsomely, he decides to celebrate with a blowjob. On the way
into his hotel he stops and asks the doorman where he might obtain such a
diversion. The hotel doorman tells him, "Dial 42 on your room phone". When the
salesman gets to his room he immediately dials 42, a female voice answers and
he voices his request and his room number. A few minutes later there is a
knock on the door. He opens the door to find the most luscious blonde that
he's ever seen. He invites the hooker in and asks the price for a blowjob.
"$800", replies the hooker. "$800!!!", replies the salesman, "That's
outrageous!" "Come here", says the blonde as she opens the curtains to his
room. "See that Porsche down there by the curb"?, the hooker asks. "That car
cost me almost $100,000, and I was able to buy it by giving the best blowjobs
around". "Well...", says the salesman, "That is a very expensive car, you must
be worth it". The salesman gets his blowjob and it is the absolute best that
he has ever had, well worth the $800. A couple of months later the salesman is
in the same city and again decides that he desrves a reward. He dials 42 on
his room phone and a few minutes later the hooker is at his door. He explains
that this time he wants anal sex and asks if the hooker is any good at it. The
hooker goes to the window, draws back the curtain and points across the street
at a shopping mall. "Do you see that cute boutique over there?", "Well I was
able to purchase that boutique in that upscale mall by offering the best anal
sex around, and it'll cost you $1200". The salesman is taken aback by the
price but remembers the blowjob and agrees to the price. He is not
dissapointed. A few months pass and the sales is again in the city. The
account that he is servicing just grew trendously and he decides to call 'ol
42 again. The hooker shows up at the hotel room and the salesman says, "This
time I would like to have just some straight fucking, what's it going to cost
me?" The hooker walks over to the window, draws the curtain, points down the
block at a multi story skyscraper and says, "If I had a pussy, I would own
that building".

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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