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Funny CI's -- original (Phil True)
AT&T Network Systems, Omaha NE
(chuckle, original)

No-Name Inc.                                       CI 001.02-93a
                                  Corporate Instruction Issue IV

Rules of Travel, and Code of Conduct for moving from room to room
while on company premises.

I. Code of Conduct when encountering other personel in hallways.
  o Your conduct when meeting other personel in the hallway will be 
    determined by the distance between the two of you, and the level
    of recognition you have.
  o If you don't know the other person, you are not obliged to 
    acknowledge their presence.  Simply look straight in front of you,
    or look down at your feet when passing.  You must not look at them! 
  o If you don't like someone, you can tell them so by not saying 'Hi'
    in the hallway.
  o If you know the other person and are at a distance, do not look at 
    them yet.  You must wait until they are within arms reach to say
    'Hi so-and-so'.  This allows you to surprise them by knowing their 
    name, especially if they don't know yours.
  o If you recognize a person, but can't remember their name, you may
    not cheat and try to read their badge.  They can tell you're doing
    that, and they don't like it.
  o If you are going to turn into another hallway, you may wave just
    before turning.  This is allowed only if you can do it so the other
    person does not have time to realise that you are turning.  That 
    way they don't have to wave since they were waiting to get within 
    arms reach to say 'Hi'.
  o If you don't know the other persons name, you are better off 
    turning early instead of risking the emarassment of saying 'Hi, how
    ya doing?' when the other person calls you by name.  This way you
    can perform the early-turn-and-wave procedure, thus putting them at
    the disadvantage, rather than you.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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