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VOGONBALLS (Hobson's Choice 30-Aug-1991 1015)


	Being a subscriber to Vogon News Service, from time to time issues 
will the humor section called Vogonballs ..  Thot u would appreciate this


<><><><><><><><>  T h e   V O G O N   N e w s   S e r v i c e  <><><><><><><><>

 Edition : 2397               Friday 30-Aug-1991            Circulation :  8325 

VNS VOGONBALLS:                                 [Dick Binder, VNS Humour Editor]
===============                                 [Nashua, NH, USA               ]

    "In my new job i'll organize material which isn't available at the

				- Email from unidentified individual
				- from John Keogh (Nijmegen, Holland)

    "And welcome to the Central Park on this the first Monday of the

				- DJ at night club
				- from Anthony Gorman (Galway, Ireland)

    "Please call immediately if you don't receive this."

				- Note appended to a FAX message
				- from Larry Hersh (Nashua, NH, USA)

    "[Stratus Computer] stuck with fault-tolerant computers, designed
    to keep working even if no parts fail."

				- Boston Globe article
				- from Tom Flaherty (Franklin, MA, USA)

    "When Hugo hit South Carolina, Charlotte was devastated by tomatoes."

				- Remark on hurricanes' potential for tornadoes
				- from Deb Bourquard (Nashua, NH, USA)

    "If you are sitting in an exit row and can not read this card ...
    please tell a crew member."

				- Safety information card in America
				  West Airline seat pocket
				- from Bob Ericson (Marlboro, MA, USA)

    "Except as provided in FAR 91.213, all instruments and equipment
    installed on an aircraft MUST BE OPERATIVE IN ORDER FOR THE

				- FAA advisory circular
				- from Keith Boardman (Nashua, NH, USA)

    | Inexpensive, Quality Daycare |
    |   Openings Day and Night     |

				- Sign in front yard, York, Maine
				- from David McDonell (Littleton, MA, USA)

    "Tomorrow is going to look like a whole different day."

				- CNN Prime News weather person
				- from Dave Burden (Alpharetta, GA, USA)

    "The Red Sox have another victory in the win column."

				- Jim Boyd, WCVB-TV News, Boston
				- from Paul Tinkham (Chelmsford, MA, USA)

    "Three white matching Victorian fireplaces.   Can be sold as a 
    pair.   #1,500 o.n.o. each."

				- Articles for Sale, Irish Times, 22 Aug 1991
				- from Colin Becker (Clonmel, Ireland)

    "Hurricane Bob is upon us!  Don't go out and gawk at the damage,
    let us do that for you!"

				-Channel 13 News, Portland ME 8/19/91
				- from Jody Bobbitt (Marlboro, MA, USA)

    "The stock went flat because the FDA didn't approve a new breast

				- Nightly Business Report on PBS
				- from Norma Comer (Dallas, TX, USA)

         *** Send VOGONballs to VORTEX::CALIPH::BINDER, not to VNS ***


    Permission to copy material from this VNS is granted (per DIGITAL PP&P)
    provided that the message header for the issue and credit lines for the
    VNS correspondent and original source are retained in the copy.

<><><><><><><><>   VNS Edition : 2397      Friday 30-Aug-1991   <><><><><><><><>

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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