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Stealing from the police (Ole Jorgen Maland)
(smirk, true)

This is a true story told by a friend of mine. It happened to a girl she knew.

There was this girl driving along the highway, when she suddely had to visit
the restroom. Unfortunately there is none along the highway, and she was a
long way from home. Well, after a while she just had to stop, and when she 
saw this big trashbin she desided to stop and do it behind it.

Aaaaah, what a relief. While she sat there she raised her head and saw
samething on top of the trashbin, it looked like a microwave-oven. "Why would
someone throw away a micowave-oven? My husband is good at fixing such things,
so I'll take it with me".

Some miles later she raealized a policecar behind, and pulled to the side

	"What is this, I haven't gone too fast". 

The policeman comes over to her and takes a look into her car. 

	"What is this you have in the backseat?"
	"Oh it's a microwave-oven I found in a trashbin along the road."

She told the policeman the story about the oven and that her husband should
fix it.

	"Well mrs. it is no microwave-oven you have in the backseat of your 
car - it is a *radar*"

P.S. I have seen some radars, but no one looks even close to a microwave-oven,
- maybe it is a new brand :)


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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