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MacHumor: How to handle Apple & how Apple handles you (Ian)
University of Kansas Academic Computing Services
(smirk, computer)

(Excerpts quoted from Sept 1991 issue of MacUser)

Q: ... Periodically the screen shakes. Can this harm the hardware? ...

Andy: ... And don't forget that, according to Apple's standard warranty card,
if technicians tell you, "Oh, they all do that," you're allowed to poke them
right in the eye. ...

Bob: Excellent advice. I disagree only on one point: I don't recommend going
around poking technicians in the eye. A better technique is to loudly proclaim,
"To h*** with this! I can buy an IBM clone and Windows 3 for one-tenth the cost
of a similarly equipped Mac!" I guarantee your Mac will be fixed on the spot.

Q: ... I get a message saying, "The Application has unexpectly quit (1)." ...

Bob: ... Of course, with Systems 6.0.7 and 7, Apple has replaced the
meaningless error-ID numbers (1, 2, 12, 25, and so on) with meaningless phrases
such as "Co-processor not installed," "Bus error," and the ever-popular
"Address error." Not only are these phrases meaningful only to people who
understand the internal architecture ... but they also often have nothing to do
with the cause of the problem.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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