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Stereotype of newsgroup poster ((Marc Riese))
(original, usenet, smirk)

Have you ever noticed posters like this? :

Hi everyone in netland! :-) :-) I'm an up and coming student at the 
ultimate ivy-league University of Ambition and Self-Satisfaction! :-)
I'm trying to get an edge on other students! :-) !!! :-)
So I've decided to prove P=NP! :-) :-)
This is a personal *research* *project*, not course work! :-) , 
so the only benefit I'll get is that I can brag about it ! :-)
and look real *keen*! :-) Weeeeeeeeeee!!! :-)
Could everyone, on all ten groups I'm posting this message to, ! :-)
please send me all the information they have on this topic? :-) !!!
I haven't taken the trouble to do even a trivial search for this 
in our library ! :-) , so please explain *everything*! :-)
In particular, please include a definition of the problem! :-) since 
I don't even know what it's about, it just sounded keen like me!!! :-)
Please respond directly to me ! :-) as I can't be bothered to subscribe 
to this newsgroup!!!! :-)
I won't post a summary, that way only I will get something out of it! :-)
Please send everything in LaTeX source so I don't have to type anything! :-)

Deep and truely sincere thanks, love even!!!,

John "Gimme" Smith III  <- note the 3 there!!!, I'm special!!!,  Weeee!!!

Member of Alpha Beta, and Gamma Delta, and Epsilon Zeta, ... and Psi Omega!!

"Love is the Joy of Happiness of Loving Happy Joy" my own personal saying!!!

Don't :-)
You :-)
Just :-)
Love :-)
People :-)
Who :-)
Use :-)
Long :-)
Cute :-)
Signature :-)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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