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Collection of Airline acronyms
(collection, various)

New contributions to this list would be appreciated.

Boerge Haga, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
Kjeller , Norway

                           A I R L I N E  J O K E S
 AA (American Airlines) - Always Awful
 AI (Air India)         - Allah Informed
 ALITALIA               - Always Late In Takeoff Always Late In Arrival
                        - Air Line In Tokyo And Luggage In Amsterdam
 BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corp.) - Better On A Camel
                        - Bloody Old and Careless
 CA (China Airlines)    - Choose Another
 CAAC (Chinese Avation Airl.Comp.) - Chinese Airline Always Canceled
 (Civil Aviation Authority of China ?) - China Airlines Almost (Always) Crashes
 CPA (Canadian Airl.Intl.) - Can't Promise Anything
     (New code CAI)     - Crash And Ignite
                        - Call Ambulance Immediately
                        - Circle Airport Indefinitely
                        - Cruise Above Iceland
                        - Cancel Alaskan Itinerary
                        - Call Attendants "Idiots"
                        - Check All Items
                        - Copilots Are Imbeciles
                        - Casual Atmosphere Inside
 DELTA                  - Don't Even Leave The Airport
                        - Don't Ever Leave The Airport
                        - Don't Even Let Them Aboard (referring to the arabs ?)
                        - Departing Even Later Than Anticipated
 EAL (Eastern)          - Eastern's Always Late
 ELAL                   - Every Landing Always Late
 JAT (Yugoslav Airlines)- Joke About Time
 LOT (Polish Airlines)  - Last One There
                        - Luggage On Tarmack (wave 'bye!)
 LUFTHANSA              - Let Us Fuck The Horses, Are No Stewardesses Available
 PA (Philippine Airways)- Please Avoid
 PAL (Phil. Airlines)   - Philippines Always Late
 PAN AM                 - Plan On Arriving Nervewracked And Mad
 PIA (Pakistan Intl.Airl) - Please Inform Allah
                        - Panic In Air
                        - Perhaps I Arrive
 QANTAS                 - Queer And Nasty Types As Stewards
 SABENA (Belgium)       - Such A Bloody Experience, Never Again
                        - Such A Bad Experience, Never Again
 SAHSA (Servicio Aero Honduras SA) - Stay At Home, Stay Alive
 SAS (Scandinavian Airl. System) - Sweet And Sexy
                        - Sex And Service
 SIA (Singapore Intl.Airl.) - So Incredible, Aah
 TACA                   - Take A Chance Airline
 TAP (Portuguese Airl.) - Take Another Plane
 TWA (Transworld Airl.) - Travel Without Arrival
                        - Try Walking, Asshole
                        - Try Walking Again
                        - The Worst Airline
                        - Took Wrong Airline
                        - Try Walking Across (transatlantic perspective)
                        - Travel With Arabs
                        - Terrorist Welcome Aboard 
                        - Terrorists With Arms
                        - Teenie Weenie Airlines
                        - Traveling Without Air
                        - Tiny Wings Aflappin'!!!!!
 USAir                  - Unfortunately, Still Alleghany In Reality

            Aer Lingus               Aer Fungus,
            Aeroperu                 Aeroperhaps
            Air Afrique              Air Freak(out)
            Air Canada               Err Canada  (as in "To err is human...") 
            Air France               Air Chance
            Air Wisconsin            Scare Wisconsin
            Alleghany Air            Agony Air (USAir since many years)
            British Airways          Brutish Airways
                                     Brutish Scareways
            Cascade Airways          Crashcade Scareways
            Continental              Contemptible
            Lufthansa                Lusthansa
            Midwest Express          Midwest Excess (True, but worth it)
            Mohawk                   Slowhawk
            Northwest                Northworst
            People Express           CattleCar Express
                                     People Distress
                                     People Compress
            Piedmont                 Piedmonster (merged with USAir)
            QuebecAir                Quick Air
            TWA                      TightWad Airlines
            United                   Untied
            US Air                   Useless Air
                                     US Scare

Delta      "We love to fly and it's close"
           "We love to show our flies"
Eastern    Who?
Mexicana   Where being Late is Fashionable

Tom Davis
Merrick Burkhardt (Steven K Smith)
njs@scifi.uucp (Nicholas J. Simicich)
Noah Cole
Israel Nelken <> (Ambady Suresh  (Sverdrup))
eric@advansoft.COM (Eric Rindner)
trogers@yosemite.Eng.Sun.COM (Tom Rogers - Database Engineering)
ping@ISI.EDU (Ping Luo)
Frank C. Paterra <> (Sameer Siddiqui)
Ian <>
Howard Lem <> (Desmond P. O'Donoghue)
cjc@rruxu.UUCP (Catherine J Curtis) (Launce Gouw) (Lynn Z. Schneider x2077) (Jordan Hayes)
ethan miller--cs grad student
owen blevins <>
Adrian W. Martin <>
Derek Elsworth 863-1643 <FKD@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>
Mike Godfrey
David Brooks
microsoft! (Martha Ann Stegar) (Gregory Ford)
george@Seri.GOV (George Scott) (Dave)
Lisa Wolfisch <> (Kevin S. McCurley)
Andrew Philpot <>
ktibv! (Rob den Braasem)
CC70@SDSUMUS (Denise Bauer)
UMAXWE@UNC (June Maxwell)
Annemarie Kreyenberg <>
SRDJAN%CATHY@YUBGEF51 (Srdjan Cvjetovic) (Joyce Neu)
V2153A@TEMPLEVM (Eleanor Cicinsky)
C535447@UMCVMB (Kirk Arnold Missouri University) (John Lee)
(and all others that I have forgot, please inform me)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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