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Things that go ? in the night

tmrobins@telenet.UUCP (Timothy Robinson)
Telenet, Reston, VA, USA
(smirk, scatological)

This one's kinda lengthy but it always gets a laff...

 There once were three guys, one intelligent, one average and one moron, that
 were looking for a house to rent.  After cruising through many that were not
 large enuff to accomodate them all, they came upon one that was HUGE.  However,
 it did not have a bathroom.  They settled on it and moved in right away.  That
 night they chose their rooms; the intelligent one taking the top floor bedroom,
 the average one taking the first floor bedroom and the moron getting the
 basement.  After a few hours sleep the intelligent one on the top floor woke up
 having to crap.  He remembered the bathroon situation and, instead, took off his
 pillowcase and crapped in it then threw it down the laundry chute to the first
 floor.  At about that time the average guy woke up having to crap also.  He saw
 the pillowcase on the floor and, upon viewing the contents, crapped in it and
 threw it down the chute to the basement.

   In the morning the three met for breakfast and the small talk began:

   Intel: "Man, I slept great! How 'bout you?"

   Average: "Just like a baby! How 'bout you?"

   Moron: "I didn't get a wink!  I was up all night beating the shit out of a

   (Raucous laughter ensues....)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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