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What Flavor of UNIX? (Michael J. McInerny)
(computer, smirk)

Vanilla -- Unix version 7
	Plain ol' ice cream.

Chocolate -- AT&T System V
	Too rich for some.

Strawberry -- BSD 4.2
	Very pink.

Neapolitan -- AIX
	What happens when you put all three in the same box.

Rocky Road -- A/UX
	Sorta chocolate with lumps.

Ice Milk -- Xenix
	Not even as good as vanilla.

Frozen Yogurt -- Mach
	It looks and tastes the same as ice cream, but someone will claim it's
better for you, even though there's no real evidence to support that

Italian Ice -- David Cheriton's V kernel
	Hard, minimalist dessert.

Tofutti -- MINIX
	An ice cream-like substitute.

Mousse -- OS/2
	Sorta looks like ice cream, until you taste it:  then you realize it's
not the same thing at all.

Jell-O brand pudding -- Windows 3.0
	Cheap mousse.

Custard -- Macintosh
	Fancy pudding.

Creme Brulee -- Macintosh System 7.0
	Custard with a solid base.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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