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Answering Machine Messages (Bob)
(original, chuckle)

I put this message on my machine during the baseball season. In the background is the sound effect of a cheering crowd at a baseball game.

``We're back at Wrigley Field for this, the final game of the 1990 baseball season. The Cubs and Mets are tied for first, whoever wins this game takes home the National League Eastern Division championship. We're in the 9th inning, Cubs trailing 2-1, but they have Dunston on third with two outs. Coming up to bat now, here is BOB! (crowd cheers in background) This has been a solid season for Bob, 26 home runs, 87 runs batted in. A base hit now will tie it for the Cubs, while a home run will give them the championship..

"Bob digs in against Dwight Gooden. Gooden has been masterful today, striking out 16, while only allowing 3 base hits. Here comes the pitch . . . AND THERE'S A LONG DRIVE DEEP TO RIGHT! THAT COULD BE OUT OF HERE! DARRYL STRAWBERRY RACES OVER AND MAKES A LEAPING CATCH AT THE WALL AND BOB IS OUT!!!! Yes, Bob is out, but he'll be happy to return your call as soon as possible."


Since I once worked in radio as a newscaster and DJ, I was able to do this so that it sounded like an actual radio broadcast. The response to this message, which ran a full 60 seconds, was interesting. Men loved it, and passed my phone number around so that their buddies could call in and hear it. Women, in general, didn't understand it, and left messages complaining that it was too long, too loud, or didn't make any sense.

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