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Raymond Chandler hits the computer age... (The_Edible_Dormouse)
(pun, usenet, smirk)

This is an exerpt from a leaving speech given by Judith Proud of Oxford
University Computing Service:

Lou Burnard, private TeX, had to think of something fast. The Boolean 
operators were coming to get him. They were logical operators, and if they 
got their hands on his cluster, there'd be no basis left for negotiation.
   He thought of Janet, and his steely gaze softened momentarily -- maybe 
she wasn't Word Perfect, but at least she was Write Now.
   The door of the Pad swung open and a rasping voice with a slight Lisp 
could be heard from the hallway. 
 "You ain't got a Snobol's chance in Hell, Burnard. When Vi and the Crays 
hear about your dossing around with Eva and Ada the Sun ain't goona shine 
for you no more, you'll be eating Worms. This is just the Prologue Chum -- 
when we get our hands on your front end, you'll be hitting high 'C'. Get 
wise quick Pal if you don't wanna end up one of them Unix. And remember -- 
you ain't got the Ghost of a chance."
    Just then, he got an idea, -- it was a Simpleplot, but it might just 
work ...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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