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Professor catches student sleeping in class (Ron Ih)
University of Delaware EE Department
(smirk, true)

This happened in a class I was attending a few years ago.

While giving a lecture on the mechanics of momentum and kinetic energy
transfer, my physics professor noticed a student busily snoozing in the
fourth row of the auditorium. He turned to a girl sitting in the first
row and asked her what the result of a collision between two particles
with masses, velocities, and trajectories that he specified would be.
After a few seconds of thinking and calculating she came up with the
correct answer.

The professor then awoke the sleeping student and said, "You! Same

The student, a bit stunned and bleary eyed, looked around and replied,
"Same answer."

After the laughter died down the professor turned around and said, "OK,
you got me on that one, I won't call on you again..."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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