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A pretty good definition of "friends"... (Tom Tatlow)
(computer, smirk, sexual)

From an textbook on object-oriented programming discussing
encapsulation--the hiding of details of an implementation:

	(...) C++ offers even more flexible control over the visibility
	of member objects and member functions.  Specifically, members
	may be placed in the public, private, or protected parts of a
	class.  Members declared in the public parts are visible to
	all clients; members declared in the private parts are fully
	encapsulated; and members declared in the protected parts are
	visible only to the class itself and its subclasses.  C++ also
	supports the notion of *friends*: cooperative classes that are
	permitted to see each other's private parts.

				      -Grady Booch
				      "Object Oriented Design with Applications"

  	    Tom Tatlow	    "The Question"

    Digital Equipment Corporation, AI Technology Center

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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