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Extremely Optimal list (Bapiraju Vinnakota)
(smirk, computer)

There is some disagreement as to how to use the word 'optimal'.
All the following 'optimal' phrases were actually heard at the
"The third symposium on the Frontiers of Massively Parallel Computation".
We have not actually figured out the most optimal use of the word

Using optimal:

							  near	optimal
							  more 	optimal
							  most 	optimal
							 quite 	optimal
							  less 	optimal
							  semi 	optimal
							 quasi 	optimal
						  (not) so 	optimal
						 optimally 	optimal
					   	  not very	optimal
						  somewhat 	optimal
					 in some sense 	optimal
			provable in some sense 	optimal
					 optimal in an 	optimal lower bound sense
									optimally fast
									optimally effective

A few of our creations:

						  way more 	optimal
					     perfectly 	optimal
		(with vigorous handwaving)	optimal
		  it just doesn't get more 	optimal than this

Webster's has this to say:

"optimal: adj., most desirable or satisfactory."

Heard from

Brian D. Alleyne and Jennifer Rexford


Bapiraju Vinnakota

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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