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No need for justification (Glen Raphael)
(original, smirk)

{ed This is the LAST of these I am going to take.}

I really liked the word pictures           If you wish 
that I saw         while reading        to make your word
netnews at         my office the      pictures look as good
other day,         and it seemed     as ours, you might need
like a really great concept, and     to put some effort into
well worth taking       the time      it. It will come only
to come up with a       few more        after you think a
variations. These       are some           good one is
of the ideas that       wouldn't        not possible. But
let me rest until I chose to put      if you do keep at it,
them           down. Really, the     persistence will reward
type           of variation that     you. It takes a careful
THIS           form allows could      eye for words and an
stagger the mind. Perhaps, if we        impressive flair
wanted to, we could        write           for design
messages as a solid        block        to arrange words
of writing in which        words      in this manner. They
can also be read in the spacing!     that try and fail, find
				     that they are still far
				      the wiser from having
         Poetry doesn't really work	made the attempt.
          in this form, as it forces
           changes in word-order that
            can destroy rhythm, as in:

         If I hadn't been delivered
          by Caesarian, I bet that I
           really wouldn't be such an

	        Then again, maybe I'm just
	         trying a little too hard.
	          I bet somebody out there
	           can write a decent poem
	            with a natural sort of
		     justification, but it
		      may not quite belong
		       in this newsgroup.
		        --Mr. Templeton?

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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