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Satirical look at DAT copyright suit

sklein@cdp.UUCP ( shabtai klein )
(original, smirk)

(Inspired by the recently filed lawsuit against Sony for introducing
 DAT into the United States.)

          W R I T E R S   S U E   P E N C I L   M A K E R S

A coalition consisting of PEN, the Writers Guild of America, and other
organizations representing writers filed a class-action suit today against
major pencil manufacturers for copyright infringement.  Defendents in the
suit include Eberhard Faber, Riviera, Skilcraft, Cascade, Empire Pencil Co.,
and Dixon Ticonderoga.

The writers claim that with modern pencil technology, purchasers of books
magazines, newspapers and other printed matter will be able to make exact
reproductions of copyrighted material.  The suit charges that royalties
will be lost when people write out copies of books for friends.

A spokesperson for the pencil companies wouldn't comment on the suit
until they received a copy, but pointed out that most pencil users buy
them for original writing, or to make copies of already purchased material
for personal use.  They hope the courts will apply the 'fair use' doctorine
previously established in a similar case involving video cassete recorders.

The writer's coalition wants the courts to impose a royalty charge on
each pencil sold.  If they are successful against the pencil makers, they
say Bic, Parker Bros, and Mont Blanc could be next.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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