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Post Haste? (Diana Edgley)
(true, chuckle)

This letter was sent to the Editor of the New Zealand Listener.  It is
reprinted without permission. {ed Which is generally not needed on letters
to the editor}


Today (May 4) I received a letter from my mother, courtesy of New Zealand
Post.  On the front of the envelope was a post stamp dated January 25 from
the South Auckland Mail Centre, and my address, which I thought was nicely
written.  There was also a black squiggle on the front where someone had
made sure that their pen was working.

On the back of the envelope was another post stamp dated May 3, and marked
Lower Hutt.  Also on the back of the envelope was the scoring of a game of
500.  The card player in the right hand column was better than the other one.
In the first game he or she won by a convincing margin of 470 to -100.  I was
disappointed to see that the final score was not recorded, so will never know
how high the player had to go to win.

The first player must have been unfazed by the magnitude of this defeat, 
because another game was immediately initiated.  This was a mistake.  The
second player trounced the first with a brilliant score of 860 to -150; the
first hand of which involved an adventurous bid of nine hearts.

Exciting stuff!  The only other feature on the back of the envelope was a
stamp which said "Post early for Christmas".

I found my envelope so enthralling that I almost forgot to read the letter.
(Most of the news was out of date anyway, so it would not have been too serious
if I hadn't.)

This was without doubt the most interesting envelope I have ever received.  I
look forward to receiving many more from our mail service in the years to come.

M Poletti
(Kelson, Wellington)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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