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Buying habits (Sam Shim)
EECS Departmental Computing Organization University of Michigan
(true, smirk, unusual sexual reference)

   The funniest stories are the ones that are true.  Here's a true story about
an incident that happened at the local mall.  The following story is quoted
from the July 1990 issue of the Briarwood Mall Security News.  For the sake
of privacy, I omitted the names of the stores and the people involved.

   Last month a man and a woman bought some jewelry at one of the mall jewelry
shops, over $500 worth.  They weren't very choosy, simply pointing to things
at random and saying "I'll take that one, that one, and this one."  She did
try on one bracelet, which was entirely too small, but said "It doesn't matter.
Put it in the box."
   Well, one of the salespeople thought this behavior was very strange so,
after the check approval service approved the check, he called the phone
number printed on the check.  The man who answered the phone said that he'd
had his wallet and checkbook stolen at a Pistons game.  The two already left
the store, so the salesperson called security and tailed them to a clothing
   At the clothing store, one of the salespeople waited on the two and grew
suspicious when they started picking clothes for purchase without trying
anything on.  When they attempted to pay for their purchases with a check,
she started asking them questions.  At that point, the two immediately left
the store.  Security personnel, who were waiting for them just outside the
clothing store, arrested them for stolen credit cards and checks.  They are
now in jail awaiting for a hearing.
   Here's the twist.  When the police department investigated, they learned
that the woman was actually a man.  He had been taking hormones, living,
and dressing as a woman in preparation for a sex-change operation.  The wallet
had actually been stolen, not at the Pistons game as the owner had told his
wife, but in a pick-up situation where the guy had paid this "woman" to render
a service.  In the process, "she" picked his pocket.  He did not know "she"
was a "he" until the police department told him.  For some reason, he was
unwilling to press charges!  (That's okay though.  The credit card companies
are going after them for possessing stolen credit cards.)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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