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Mr Ed. (Text editor) (V.And)
(computer, original, smirk)

Sometime ago, when I was working as an application programmer,
our project leader was very keen on `excellent' user interfaces
as he used to call them.  I thought up a user interface for a text
editor which he would have liked very much.

A simulation of a transaction between me and the fictitious text
editor follows:

  Me:  edit current.c
  Me:  [Alt]-[F3] s
  Ed:  Beep
  Me:  [Alt]-[F3] S
  Ed:  Save file? y/n:
  Me:  y
  Ed:  Save file as (default = current.c):
  Me:  [Ret]
  Ed:  File current.c already exists: backup or overwrite (b/o):
  Me:  o
  Ed:  contents of old current.c will be destroyed, OK? (y/n):
  Me:  y
  Ed:  Are you sure? yes/no:
  Me:  y
  Ed:  Please reply yes/no:
  Me:  yes
  Ed:  File current.c is write-protected, enter new name:
  Me:  temp
  Ed:  Writing temp.asm to disk, 92 lines, 4312 bytes
  Ed:  FATAL ERROR 43:  write failed due to insufficient disk space.
       Exiting to DOS...

  Me:  del edit.exe           ;  me doing my good deed of the day
                              ;  and creating disk space at the same time

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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