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Mr. Wizard (Brad Stone)

If anyone has ever watched Nickelodean, they certainly must have seen
Mr. Wizard.  This is a show where a grown-up man has children guest
on his show, and shows the kids neat scientific tricks using things that
they can understand.  One of my friends at work was mocking him one day,
and this is what he said :

Mr. Wizard : "Have you ever seen the sun really close up, Bobby?"

Bobby : "No, Mr. Wizard.  What is it like?"

Mr. Wizard : "Well, Bobby, just take a look at it through these binoculars!"

Bobby : "Gee Mr. Wizard!  That was neat!  I can't see a thing!  In fact, I
         think I'm blind!  Incredible!"

Mr. Wizard : "Yes, your blindness is caused by the extreme brightness of the
              sun, and when amplified by these binoculars, your were blinded

Suzy : "Gee!  Can I try, Mr. Wizard?"

Mr. Wizard : "I don't thing so, Suzy, only boys should look at the sun through

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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