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Re: More Stupid Programs (Andrew Arensburger)
(original, computer, smirk)

A while ago, somebody posted a list of stupid programs, mostly spoofs of other ones. Here's all the followup I could muster.


Run around a dungeon, kill monsters, and catch falling shapes. [Distributed by UseNyet]


Typesetter; AuToMaTiCaLlY cApItAlIzEs EvErY oThEr LeTtEr. Requires 7Gb of disk space; more if you want a second font. Must be pronounced "hechhh" (to rhyme with "blechhh"), or else the author will make you read The HeXbook. Also available: MetalFONT, for designing baroque logos for heavy-metal bands.[Written by Donald Newt]


Compresses tape archives. Thus, files can be tarred and feathered. [Standard UnixTM utility]


NutSHell, the smallest UnixTM shell yet. Version 1.0 (the only one released so far) includes only 'cd' and 'echo <string constant>'. GNU-nsh, to be released later this year, is expected to be much more powerful, with built-in Bourne, Korn and C shell emulators. The executable is expected to go from 306 bytes to 7Mb with this release, however.

Lightspeed Lisp:

Unfortunately, this package will not be released, since the name was deemed to be oxymoronic.

X-rated Windows:

X-rated windowing package. Includes obscenely-shaped windows, salacious prompts, erotic background patterns, and mouse cursors shaped like genitalia. Perfect for the window user with a twelve-year-old's mind. Warning: susceptible to viruses.

And for you legal types out there, an actual quote (typo?) from a University of Utah research paper: "Unix is a registered bell of AT&T trademark laboratories."

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