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You thought it was safe to go back in the water (Mark B. Cohen)
(topical, original, funny, usenet)


Recently there has been some extremely high volume in the existing groups designated for the discussion of aquaria. This high volume has prompted many users to suggest that new aquaria groups be formed. The following is the summary of the suggestions for the new groups.

The discussion period will last for approximately six weeks. Following the close of the discussion period and the mandatory cross-posting flame war with news.groups, talk.bizarre, and the existing aquaria groups, the voting will commence on 1 April 1990 and continue for a period of two weeks. Two neutral parties have volunteered to collect the votes, they are and

Please note that the discussion topic is NOT which of the following groups is to be created. What is to be discussed is the exact charter of each group, and the specific name of the individual group.


The following groups are in the mainstream USENET hierarchy:

Announcements of new aquaria groups and hierarchies. [Moderated]

Discussion of new groups to be announced in news.announce.aquaria. This group will be semi-moderated by a daemon which will post only articles which do NOT contain the phrase "end of the net" in any form.
Public discussion on the development of news networking and reading software which will prevent any tampering or suppression of any aquaria group.

Software related to aquaria. Possibilities include any database or inventory control program, editors or word processors used in writing articles about aquaria, etc. Comp.binaries.aquaria will consist of subgroups for each of the major computing families, *nix variations included. All programs submitted will be ported to each of the categories and the binaries for each will be posted simultaneously. [Moderated]

This group will consist of two sub groups: The first will be a group for discussion of software problems from c.b.a.* and, while the second will be for discussion and information on aquatic entomology.

Discussion of the language and terminology of aquaria. For example, just what is the correct spelling of "plikostymus" (sic)?

Information on purchasing aquaria items by mail order, as well as information on transporting livestock through Snail Mail.
Discussion and information pertaining to groups and societies for aquaria. Traffic in this groups is expected to be low, since everyone will be on the net.

Discussion on operating in an aquatic environment. Frequent questions on electrocution are anticipated.

Filters, hoods, and those little castles.

Source code postings of software relating to aquaria. (See the description of comp.binaries.aquaria.) The group will post only code which includes conditional compilation for any operating system or environment. Submissions need only be targeted to the author's machine; the moderator is responsible for the porting. [Moderated]

Proceedings and discussion from the ANSI committee on aquaria. [Moderated]

Information on how to set up an aquatic system. It is expected that most novices will start in this group, followed closely by comp.os.aquaria.

With the US government expressing a large interest in unix, all submarine software will require porting to a unix environment.
Discussion pertaining to the usage of aquaria on windowing systems. Insulation and prevention of algae blooms should be a major topic. Any poster referencing Xaquarium or Xfish will be banned from the net for life.

A group for those obscure aquaria topics that just don't belong anywhere else.
For private or second hand sales only.

For private requests only.

Discussions on topics such as aquatic rituals and fish schools. References to Atlantis will not be tolerated.

Information on talking with aquaria. Private donations have purchased a VT960 and a 115Kb modem for Dr. Dolittle, who will moderate.

Discussion for the following groups is being combined with the above, with cross-postings to the appropriate top level config group.
Don't even ask.

Discussion on the really esoteric topics in aquaria. A Master of Science in Biology or equivalent will be the minimum requirements for accepting postings. [Moderated]

Commercial announcements, requests, advertisements, and reviews of aquaria and aquaria related products.

News from various sources on aquaria and aquaria related topics. Will include a weekly feature written by a guest chef.

Defense related aquaria issues. Includes discussion on prevention of feline attacks.

Due to the increasing popularity of aquaria, the FSF is joining the bandwagon with their "Free Saltwater Fish" program.

Information on public access to aquaria bulletin boards, list-servers, and so on.

Applications for moderators are now being accepted. Mail your application to, or applying!four!aquaria!moderator.

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