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Computer Program Virtually Eliminates Machine Errors (Mark Lawrence)
DRD Corporation, Tulsa, Ok.
(computer, chuckle)

    Spokesmen for a local electronic firm have announced a computer
    program that through fresh application of an old technique -
    virtually eliminates lost time due to malfunction of computer
    components.  Called OREMA (from latin "oremus", meaning "let us
    pray"), the program offers prayers at selected time intervals for
    the continued integrity of memory units, tape transports, and other
    elements subject to depravity.

    Basically liturgical in structure, OREMA uses standard petitions and
    intercessions stored on magnetic tapes in Latin, Hebrew, and
    FORTRAN.  It holds regular maintenance services thrice daily on an
    automatic cycle, and operator intervention is required only for
    mounting tapes and making responses, such as "Amen", or "And With
    Thy Spirit", on the console typewriter.

    Prayers in Hebrew and FORTRAN are offered directly to the CPU, but
    Latin prayers may go to peripheral equipment for transfer to the CPU
    by internal subroutines.

    Although manufacturer supplied prayer reels cover all machine troubles
    known today, the program will add punch card prayers to any tape, as
    needed, after the final existing AMEN block.  Classified prayer
    reels are available for government installations.

    In trials on selected machines, OREMA reduced by 98.2 percent the
    average down time due to component failure.  The manufacturer's
    spokesman emphasized, however, that OREMA presently defends only
    against malfunction of hardware.  Requestor errors and other human
    blunders will continue unchecked until completion of a later
    version to be called SIN-OREMA.

    Reprinted from Data Link, March 1966, which reprinted from the
    source, W.S. Minkler, Jr., the Pittsburgh section of the
    American Nuclear Society, Jan. 1965.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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