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Rad new BBS (offensive to VIC-20 users) (John "The Squid" Byrd)
(strange, computer, smirk)

like dudez! this is the ****IRON EMU**** leving you this mesg to let
you know that the BIRD TRIUMVERATE wich is ME (the *****IRON
EMU******, the DEATH SQUID and SINTAX ERROR are still up and writng
code which is in our new demoprogramme!  so all you VIC20 computer
users be sure to check out our new demo called ASTERISKS AND SPACES!
if you send computer mail for it i probably wont reply becuase i don't
know how just yet (but my older borther will help out ...

are you like SICK of being turned down acess to buletin boreds like
the BIRD TRIUMVERATE is?  then call the new bbs i set up last night
becuase it is so RAD!  it is the EMU CONNECTION and the primary password
is PHLEGM.  the secondary password is also PHLEGM.  the teritary password
after that there are no more passwords (but alot of asterisks and spaces
for awhile.  

me and the DEATH SQUID wrote the buletin board last night in LESS THAN
AN OUR! lets see some other hack group like the SILVER SLOTHS OF 606
try to rite such a RAD buletin board on a vic20 computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all you have to do to get a password is write to us and tell wich
buletin boreds you have been refused acess to.  ALSO NO MEMBERS OF THE
NASTY NEWTS OF 909 ALOWED becuase you dudez SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!  if you
write to us at (it migt be better to use real
mail instead of the computer mail sistem becuase we might not get it
becuase im still not exactly sure how to read it ...

soon there will be an opton on the bbs to dwonload vic20 software
automaticly but right now if you select the dwonload opton from the
main meu i will pick up the phone and read the right program to you
and you can copy it down. for this reson you should have a pensil
ready when you select the dwonload opton. right now the onley
dwonloadable program is ASTERISKS AND SPACES but we are working on our
new demoprogramme called AMPERSANDS AND SPACES.

so dudez! we got a place now where all the RADEST DUDEZ excange the
hotest vic20 warez and that is THE EMU CONNECTION!!!!!!!! so call
between 4pm-10pm becuase i don't get home from school until 4 (my dad
says if we get any calls after 10pm he l'l rip out my modem and feed
it to the cat.  TERIBLE TYPISTS OF 202 NOT ALOWED becuase you dudez
SUCK!!!!!!!! so call our rad bbs, where the dwonload is free,
paretheses dont match, redundent excalmation marks are HOT and SPELING
DOESNT COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well my dads yelling at me to get off the dam fone so L8R dudez....

************ **********  ********* *      *     ******** *       * *        *
      *      *        *  *       *      *     *              *        *
      *      *        *  *       * * *    *     *        * *   * * *        *
      *      **********  *       * *  *   *     ******** *  * *  * *        *
      *      *     *     *       * *   *  *     *        *   *   * *        *
      *      *      *    *       * *    * *     *        *       * *        *
      *      *       *   *       * *      *     *        *       * *        *
************ *        *  ********* *      *     ******** *       * **********

(my real name is I.M. Tenn

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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