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What did he say at his defence?
(true?, smirk, sick)

Purported to be a true story, an old housemate told it to me:

A psych grad student had this thesis project where he built this humongous
maze and slowly taught a bunch of mice their way through it.  This had
something to do with figuring out how much you could actually teach a mouse.
After spending multiple years on this project, it was finally over.  He
had his diploma, it was all in the bag.  Now, it was time to dissolve the
experiment and clean out his lab.

He had an "It's over" party.  His lab was several floors up.  He opened 
a window, and moved his amazing maze so that the exit poked out the window.
One by one, the mice ran the maze perfectly for the last time...


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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