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It ain't all playing golf . . .

tim@attdso.ATT.COM (Tim J Ihde)
(supposedly true, smirk, gross)

The interns always seem to get the worst, dirtiest, most disgusting jobs
at the hospital.  Or so it seems to them anyway.  In any case, it appears
that at this particular hospital there was one intern who was picked on
more than usual in this area.

Now, it is know throughout the industry that potentially the absolute
worst thing to do is to examine a woman complaining of vaginal itch.
Well, one day a simply huge woman wandered into the hospital off the
street complaining of vaginal itch.  Naturally, our man got the job.

She was prepped by a nurse for the examination, meaning that her clothes
were removed and she was placed on the table with her feet in the stirrups
and a sheet covering most of her body.  A stool sits on the floor between
her legs for the doctor.

With the nurse standing by to help, our man comes in to do the examination.
As he leans over to sit down, his tie falls forward, hits the woman in the
area of question, and <smack> sticks.

The intern freezes, and without changing his expression extends one hand
towards the nurse and requests "Scissors."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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