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Kiwanis Speech

gmw@mitre-omaha.ARPA (Mark Woodhouse)
(smirk, sexual)

(From "The Homebuilders", a tape on improving marital relationships:)

The local Kiwanis Club was meeting on Wednesday night, and the guest speaker
was to be a Sex Therapist speaking about Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.
Unfortunately, the speaker got snow-bound at a distant airport, and the local
Kiwanis leader asked a member who was a physician if he would fill in by
speaking on the same topic, which he did.

When the physician got home, his wife asked about the meeting, and he
explained that he had to fill in for the guest speaker.  "What was your speech
about?", she asked.  A bit embarrassed to admit the truth, he replied, "I
spoke on Sailing."

The next morning, the physician's wife was at the grocery store when she met
the wife of one of the other Kiwanis members who said, "My husband tells me
that your husband gave a wonderful and helpful speech last night!"
Thinking about what her husband had told her about his speech, the
physician's wife replied, "You know, it's funny, but I never thought of him as
an expert.  He's only done it twice.  The first time, his hat blew off, and
the second time he threw up and swore he would never do it again!"
 G. Mark Woodhouse

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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