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Ticket to Ride (Fearless Leader)
(racist, offense=Poles, rot13)

Seems two Polish guys had been saving their money for some time to take a
rail tour around the various Republics.  They find themselves on one train
with two Russian nationals, and the conversation turns
to complaints about the high price of the train tickets, especially when one
(or in this case, two) are on a budget.  The Russians remark that they have
found a way to travel together on one ticket.  The Polacks press them for
details, and the reply is merely to wait and observe....soon the conductor 
appears at the rear of the next car, heading their way, and the two Russians
spring from their chairs and duck into the lavatory together.  The conductor
reaches the lav, sees the OCCUPIED light on, and raps politely on the door.
One ticket slides out under the door, the conductor validates it and slides
it back under.  The Polacks are in awe of the cleverness of the Russians.
A few weeks later, on the return leg of their journey, the two Polacks
happen to meet the two Russians on the train again, and thank them for
the wonderful travel tip.  The Russians reply that they have improved
the scheme, and can now travel on NO ticket.  Before the Polish guys can
ask how, the conductor appears, and the Polish duo heads for the can.
Immediately, one Russian gets up, knocks on the door, grabs the ticket
and heads for the lavatory at the other end with his buddy.
Steven Swinkels

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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