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The Collapse of Usenet

ncoverby@ndsuvax.UUCP (Glen Overby)
Silo Tech Fargo, ND

[ This one is interesting because many of the things listed have already
taken place. -ed ]

For years people have been predicting that Usenet will collapse.  Like
the ancient Roman civilization, there will be indicators of this impending
collapse, when it nears. These will include:

Somebody other than Henry Spencer will post from utzoo.

Utzoo will be upgraded in cpu and/or operating system (from an 11/44 runn
version 7)

Seizmo will cease to exist, cutting off the east coast.

Decwrl's Usenet readership data will expire, because nobody there reads
news anymore.

The line eater will re-appear.
(note: it has appeared on Bitnet, but looks a lot like the 'last card in
the reader' problem)

Bitnet will stop truncating files at 80 characters, eliding trailing
blanks and translating ASCII to funky characters.

Ihnp4 will become reliable.

Eugene Myia will start saying "Don't send me mail -- follow up!"

Bob Webber will do something GOOD for the network.

The Brahms Gang will do something GOOD for the network.

Eric Mading will core dump.

Talk.Bizarre will drop from the volume ratings.

The alt.* subnet will be absorbed into the main network with no protests
from either parties.

Mailing lists on Bitnet and the Internet will cease to exist, being
replaced with a news-like interface thus doing away with the random
"Please add me to your list" postings.

Gene Spafford will stop posting his monthly group lists.

There will be NO April Fools pranks pulled.
Glen Overby

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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