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tomc%apple@acad.UUCP (Thomas M. Chavez)

Waitress:  Hawaii mister?  You must be Hungary?
Gent:  Yes, Siam.  And I can't Rumania long either.  Venice lunch ready?
Waitress:  I'll Russia table.  What'll you Havre?   Aix?
Gent:  Whatever's ready.  But can't Jamaica cook step on the gas?
Waitress:  Odessa laugh!  But Alaska.
Gent:  Don't do me favors.  Just put a Cuba sugar in my Java.  
Waitress:  Don't you be Sicily, big boy.  Sweden it yourself.  I'm only here to
Gent:  Denmark my check and call the Bosphorus.  I hope he'll Kenya!  I don't
    Bolivia know who I am!
Waitress:  Canada noise!  i don't Carribean.  You sure Ararat!
Gent:  Samoa your wisecracks?  What's got India?  D'you think this arguing Alps
   business?  Be Nice!  Matter of fact, I gotta Smolensk for ya!
Waitress:  Attu!  Don't Diev me that Boulogne!  Alamein do!  Spain in the neck!
   Pay you check and scram, Abyssinia!


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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