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Dynamite (ofnsv to )
Indiana University CSCI, Bloomington
(rec_humor_cull, smirk, ethnic)

   (This is a visual joke; material needed: 1 newspaper.)

<ethnic> visits doctor's office, tells the doc, "I've got 14 kids and 
can't support any more; I need a vasectomy."

Doctor describes operation, says that it costs $300.

"Oh No! I can't afford $300!  What am I going to do?" moans <ethnic>.

"You can do it yourself; roll 1/4 of a stick of dynamite in a 
newspaper, hold it beside your head and count to ten."

<ethnic> thinks, "That's pretty weird; I'll get a second opinion."

He goes to another doctor who tells him exactly the same thing, so 
decides he'll try it.  

He gets a stick of dynamite, cuts off exactly 1/4, inserts fuze cap, 
rolls dynamite in newspaper, lights the fuze, holds it next to his 

(Hold rolled newspaper next to head, count on fingers: 1..2..3..4..5..
Hold newspaper between legs to free other hand: 6..7..8.... )


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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