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Stupid Telephone Order Clerks (Bob Mayo)
U of Wisconsin CS Dept
(rec_humor_cull, true, chuckle)

I was moving to Wisconsin around Christmas time, and wanted to order a gift
for my mom from Jamecoe electronics.  

after listing the items...

THEM:  "Where would you like to have the order shipped?"

ME:  <gave an Illinois address>

THEM:  "Is <California address> still your correct address?"

ME:  "No, it's in Wisconsin now."

THEM:  "So you want the order shipped to Wisconsin?"

ME:  "No, ship the order to the Illinois address, and then let change me
      change my address to Wisconsin."

THEM:  "Is this an address change or a gift order?"

ME:  "Both"

THEM:  <aggitated>  "Sir, you seem to be confused.  Have you moved or are you 
       shipping this to someone else?"

ME:  "I'd like to have the order sent to my mother in Illinois, and I'd 
      also like to change my address."

THEM:  <aggitated>  "I'm sorry sir, you have to decide which you want to do.  
	It only makes sense to do one of these."

ME:  "It's a gift order, ship to the Illinois address."

THEM:  "Then your California address is correct?"

ME:  "Yes"

THEM:  "OK, your order is confirmed, is there anything else I can help
	you with."

ME:  "Yes, I just moved.  Can you change my mailing address?"

THEM:  <long pause, then aggitated voice>  "Well, OK, what's the new address?"


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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