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Re: anti nazi humor

good@pixar.UUCP (You may ask yourself... How do I work this?)
Pixar -- Marin County, California

I heard this one during a talk given by a former Nazi tank commander who is
now one of the most patriotic Americans you could ever hope to meet (but that's
another story).  It was told in Germany by Germans, and indicates that not
all of them were Hitler supporters.  The setup is this: food was extremely
scarce (not Hitler's fault, actually, but he did capitalize on it).  And
when telling the joke remember to give the familiar Roman Slave Salute with
the word "Heil".  Say the punchline out loud a few times until you get it.

A German officer and his driver are whizzing along a country road when a dog
rushes out and is hit by their car.  Spotting a nearby farm house, the driver
is sent up to inform the occupants of the demise of their pet.  He returns with
an armload of food and wine.  The officer is amazed.

"Why did they give you that?"

"I do not know.  All I did was knock on the door and say Heil Hitler!  The
dog is dead!".


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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