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Store it in the trunk

rick@oresoft.UUCP (Rick Lahrson)
(chuckle, heard it, sexual)

John's girlfriend had long been complaining that she wasn't getting satisfied, because his dick was too short. And now she had announced that she was going to leave him, and find a bigger guy. John didn't think he could stand to lose her, since everything else about their relationship was wonderful. He begged her to stay with him a little longer, and he promised he'd figure out something.

She agreed to give him a week. In desperation, John went to see a doctor, to ask if there was anything that could be done. At first, the doctor said no, there really wasn't anything that could be done. When John wasn't convinced, the doctor said well, maybe the new experimental ... no, better not even consider that. It was too new, and there wasn't enough information about what might go wrong.

John wasn't having any of that. He said he was desperate, and he'd try anything, if it would give him a longer penis. After some argument, the doctor agreed to send him to the university hospital for the operation, which consisted of attaching the end of a baby elephant's trunk to his penis, but repeated that he definitely didn't recommend this operation and wouldn't take any responsibility for the results.

John had the operation, it was a success, and within the week, John was ready to put his new tool to work. He was really going to surprise his girlfriend with this thing. She'd be delighted--it was really big!

First he took her out to a fancy restaurant, and they had a perfect meal. As they were finishing up dinner, John got a devilish idea. He unzipped his fly under the tablecloth, and took it out. Then, before he knew what was happening, this "penis" snaked up over the edge of the table, and started feeling around. It found a hard roll, and with a little sniffing sound, grabbed the roll, and zipped back under the tablecloth.

John's girlfriend was delighted! "Can you do that again?" she asked. John replied, "Uh, I think so, but I don't think my ass can take another one of those rolls."

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